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Category: Massage Therapy

How Chiropractic Care Can Treat Neck Pain

Written By James J. Hether, D.C. on May 18, 2022

Do you find it difficult to move your head from side to side? Do you find yourself waking up with a stiff neck? Neck pain is an increasingly common condition, and you may be surprised to learn that millions of... Read More

Why Should I Get a Massage?

Written By James J. Hether, D.C. on November 4, 2020

Massage therapy is an effective treatment to reduce muscle tension, pain, and stress. It involves manipulating, rubbing, and pressing ligaments, tendons, muscle, and skin. Common massage types include: Deep Tissue Massage – This technique uses slow, forceful, and targeted strokes to connective tissues... Read More

What Massage Therapy Can Do For You

Written By James J. Hether, D.C. on June 28, 2019

One of the most versatile and relaxing chiropractic treatments is massage therapy. In true chiropractic fashion, massage therapy is an organic method of treating a myriad of bodily conditions. It also has its own unique benefits apart from traditional chiropractic treatment. Here’s... Read More

It's Time to Discover the Overwhelming Benefits of Massage Therapy

Written By James J. Hether, D.C. on July 25, 2018

Whether you’re suffering from back pain, headaches, neck pain, or you’re just feeling under the weather, it could be time to explore the benefits of massage therapy.  This drug-free, non-invasive, and altogether effective treatment may eradicate any need for medication or... Read More

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