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5 Reasons to See a Chiropractor After an Auto Accident

Written By James J. Hether, D.C. on February 18, 2019

When you are in a car accident, one of the first things you do is check to see if you’re okay. Then, you can move on to worrying about everything else – the car, the other person’s car, insurance, and contacting the police. 

You may initially feel fine and assume that you dodged a bullet. However, symptoms may start to appear over time – and the longer you wait, the worse they become.

Seeking Advice from a Chiropractor for Whiplash Treatment

This is why it’s important to schedule an appointment with your chiropractor immediately after you’ve been in a car accident. Let’s take a look at five reasons why this is a crucial next step:

1. You May Not Know You Have an Injury:

Most people mistakenly think that if they’re injured, they’ll be in pain. However, this isn’t always the case. While damage to the spine and body typically causes pain, there is no guarantee. Some damage can be so minor that you don’t notice it at first

2. It Isn't as Invasive:

When using chiropractic for auto accident injury treatment, surgery is a last resort. This is because no tools or invasive procedures are required with chiropractic care. Chiropractors rely on using their hands for therapy.

3. Excellent Alternative to Medication:

Because chiropractic care involves manual therapy, it is completely natural and executed without the use of prescription medication. While pain medication may provide some initial relief, ultimately, it only masks the problem. Chiropractic care for the treatment of injuries like whiplash has a long-lasting effect.

4. It Is Safe:

Chiropractors are trained medical professionals. This means that they know what they’re doing and are experts in their field. There’s no cause for concern when it comes to their techniques. 

5. Insurance May Cover It:

A car accident may have you worrying about the cost. Luckily, many insurance providers extend their coverage to chiropractic care.

Chiropractic Is an Effective Auto Accident Injury Treatment

While you may feel fine immediately following a car accident, this doesn’t mean that you aren’t injured. It’s important to seek medical advice from your chiropractor straight away. This could prevent further complications down the road. 

Hether Chiropractic Clinic serves the DeLand region. Dr. James J. Hether has extensive experience helping patients who have recently been in a car accident. Call 386-734-0702 and let Hether Chiropractic Clinic take care of your auto accident injuries. 

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