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You Need More than a Back Belt to Avoid a Lifting Injury

Written By James J. Hether, D.C. on August 16, 2021

Lifting injuryIn an ideal world, you’d only need a chiropractor from Dr. James J. Hether, DC of DeLand in Volusia County for regular maintenance. One way to get closer to achieving this ideal is to practice proper lifting technique to avoid back injuries.

A Back Belt Won’t Save You from Poor Lifting Technique 

Research has yet to show that a back belt or brace of any kind protects you from a lifting injury. Their whole purpose is to support your back; not protect it. Belts and braces help stabilize your spine when lifting heavy loads, making them a great lifting aid. However, you still need to practice the following proper lifting techniques:

Plan ahead - Unplanned movements lead to injury. If you have to carry something a good few steps, make sure your path is clear of obstacles, you’re aware of when you’ll need to step up or down, and if you have a lifting buddy, you both know which direction you’ll be turning.

Use proper lifting technique - The most stable way to lift is close to your body with feet shoulder-width apart and back straight. The farther the object is from your body, the more strain it puts on your back. And lifting with a hunched or curved back can put extreme pressure on individual spine joints and discs, creating the risk of a herniation or rupture. Bend at your knees, not at your waist.

Engage the right muscles - While your hands and arms hold the load, your legs and feet support everything, including you. Engage your stomach muscles and lift with your legs to maintain optimal back support.

Avoid twisting or bending - Part of planning ahead is calculating how you’ll perform the lift without twisting or bending. Always face the direction you’re moving in. If you do have to change direction, take small steady steps. Avoid any sudden motion. 

A little extra time maintaining good form and stability means a lot less time in the ER or doctor’s office.

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