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Chirotouch Macros

Chirotouch Macros For Sale - Available for Purchase

With the Hether Macro, you can complete a detailed examination for your patients in about 15 minutes and daily notes take about two minutes to complete. It provides both documentation needed for Medicare patients, as well as major medical and motor vehicle accident patients. It contains the AMA 6th Edition impairment rating documentation and utilizes the AMA 6th Edition Functional Outcome assessments. It also has pre manipulation and post manipulation ranges of motion.

This macro has short term goals that can be monitored by completing activities of daily living. This provides key information, for you and your patients, on how they are progressing or if they are progressing slower than expected and if additional care or studies are needed. It also has exercises and stretches for the entire spine, upper extremities and lower extremities.

There is a section on patient eduction which has over 70 topics from preventing falls, heart disease/stroke, diabetes, the DASH diet, quitting smoking, the importance of mammograms and PSA testings, spinal stenosis and much more.

Purchasing a Chirotouch Macro

The Hether Chirotouch Macro costs $500 and includes one hour of training, as well as access to a user manual. Additional training for you and your staff is available at $75.00 per hour. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] or call my office at 386-734-5076.

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Take Your Practice to the Next Level with the Hether Macro

Here is another video, showing the ease of use of the Hether Macro for Chirotouch:


Getting ChiroTouch was both a blessing and a curse! I was overwhelmed by its abilities and macros until the great people at CT sponsored a seminar from Dr. Hether. I thought, how crazy to spend another chunk of change for HIS macro. Best choice ever! Dr. Hether not only has an ever expanding macro with an intelligent flow, he personally strives for me to be successful at customizing. I've even gained enough knowledge from his macro to it edit it and make it my own. Save on time and headaches. Every new and old CT client to should purchase the Hether Macro! - Dr. Ellen M. Lazar, D.C. Northville, Michigan