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DeLand Massage Therapist

Mara Silies - Licensed Massage Therapist # MA69573

Certified by the National Certification Board of Massage Therapy and Bodywork (NCBTMB) and licensed in the State of Florida in 2012, Mara Silies has been active in sport and therapeutic massage for the past eight years. She has been working at the Ormond Family YMCA since 2013, worked concurrently for three years at an exercise rehab clinic and opened her own clinic dba Massage Today, LLC, in Ormond Beach, in 2015. Recently she has joined the staff at Hether Chiropractic in DeLand engaging in manual therapy while maintaining her business and clients at the YMCA.

In 2018, Mara took a 100-hour Medical Massage certification course approved by the NCBTMB. She is also a member of the Florida State Massage Therapy Association and served for a season as her chapter's Sport Massage Team Captain. Mara has received training in scar tissue therapy, lymphatic manipulation, sport massage, and acupressure among others. Future certifications she wishes to pursue include manual lymphatic drainage and athletic training.
Mara's unique approach to massage includes a thorough and balanced appraisal of affected soft tissue including not just the dysfunctional muscles but the entire region including any affected joints and their range of motion. The goal for any massage is not to hear "that felt good," but "I feel better." Reduction in pain, reduction in muscle fatigue and tension, and an increase in ease and range of motion. The protocol is what she terms, "peeling the onion" starting with softening of the fascia, lengthening and strengthening the muscle tissue and releasing trigger points, and increasing the range of motion through joint mobilization and stretching.
After hours, Mara enjoys cycling, kayaking and paddle board, is a musician and songwriter, photographer, graphic artist and illustrator and enjoys writing, birdwatching, hiking, international cuisine, engaging literature, and a good conversation over wine or tea.